Transitional Period: From Blogger to Ghost

This blog started out in a different location. That location was Blogger, Google's hosted blogging service. At the time that I started writing I just wanted a simple solution so as I could get my ideas and thoughts out of my head and onto a page. I was not very concerned with where it was, or how it looked. Blogger provided that place. After using it for a few more posts though I started to find nitpicks and various things I didn't like. This post won't be focused on those though. It will be focused on Ghost, and why I chose this platform.

Ghost is an open source project first and foremost. Like WordPress there is an ever growing community of developers out there making changes and improvements to its base. This helps the base platform to easily follow current trends. Also Ghost is super lightweight. Just 8MB for the base compared to the 21MB required for WordPress. It's not a huge difference, but something that I value. Along with that Ghost is built on top of Node.js, so it's JavaScript all the way down. This is also personal preference for the most part.

In a short period of time Ghost has quickly become my favorite blogging platform I've encountered. Others must think so as well since in the short two years since it's successful Kickstarter campaign they have grown to become a highly successful platform.

The transition itself was easy. Ghost uses Markdown for formatting which required some tweaking to get the same format as I had on Blogger, but overall it was simple. DigitalOcean has servers that you can spin up with Ghost pre-installed. GitHub has your hook up there if you are a student. Then I just created a sub-domain tied to my main development site, and configured it to point to my new blog. That is pretty much it.

And I must say, I think this new setup is downright gorgeous!

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